It’s all about fightning spirit.

– C. Levy

animus is a jewelry brand for the dreamers and achievers. Focusing on quality and craftsmanship, every piece of jewelry is handcrafted in silver, in Sävsjö, Sweden. Based in Stockholm, the Swedish new design meets ancient tradition and inspiration, and together weaves to a personal and stylish aesthetic. animus is classics with an edge, to be worn year after year.
Inspiration comes from tribes, natives and women who make an impact and impression on Carro Levy, the founder and designer.

The word animus is Latin and means just great courage, intellect, pride, passion, will – all features who defines the founder, the brand and the ones who carry the jewelry.

ANIMUS was created in a time of sweat and tears and the essence of the brand is fighting spirit. To not give up. ANIMUS both creates and dresses this female modern warrior, the ANIMUS warrior, who is a strong, confident, driven, curious and inspiring person. A discoverer and lover of life, who despite life’s occasional setbacks, never give up.